The Glitter Dice Podcast is a podcast about women who love gaming, by a group of women who love gaming. It’s as simple as that! Your three hosts are Linda, Kelly and Joie, who all live in the Atlanta metropolitan area and have enough collective gaming experience to make one single septugenarian. There may also be occasional guest hosts to add different perspectives to the conversation.

Our podcast is about all types of gaming, from tabletop and live action gaming, to video, card and board gaming. We basically do it all!

Each month, we choose the major topic for discussion by rolling a d20 and picking from a numbered list of possibilities depending on which number the die lands on. We know what the potential topics might be before the show, but don't know what we’ll actually be discussing until it’s time to roll the dice. We also talk about the games we’re currently playing, whether good or bad, and an aspect of geek culture that happens to pique our interest in a little section we like to call “Off Topic.”

Occasionally, we also release live-play sessions of a one-shot tabletop roleplaying games. In the spirit of gaming "by women, for women," our tables are made up of all women, femme, nonbinary and gender-minority players and GMs. We tend to focus on indie games during our play sessions, and are particularly interested in spotlighting games written or produced by women and other gender minorities. If you have a tabletop roleplaying game you would like us to play, please contact us and let us know.

Do we sound interesting? Then you can find all the episodes free to download on Stitcher, Google Play, iTunes, or archived in the Episodes section of this website. We update in a monthly format and new episodes are uploaded on the first of the month.