Episode Two - Let's Get Critical

We're back with episode two, where rolling the dice forces us to tackle a somewhat difficult subject as women in gaming. We also discuss the board game Forbidden Desert, and console games Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and The Cave in "What Are You Playing?" Our "Off-Topic," topic for this month is the Harry Potter universe, local fan convention CONjuration, and excitement about the new Fantastic Beasts movie (no spoilers)!


Episode One - What's Love Got to Do With It?

We're very proud to present the very first episode of the Glitter Dice Podcast! Because it's the first episode, we take a few minutes to introduce ourselves and explain our gaming histories, then roll the die to determine our first topic of discussion. In "What Are You Playing," we discuss 7th Sea, Hearthstone, After the End LARP, Telltale Games and Dragon Age Inquisition. Our "Off Topic" discussion starts with Think Geek but quickly goes off topic from there, and Feline co-host Morpheus makes his opinion known.