Eye of the Storm (Total)

Eye of the Storm is a short audio drama created for Speakeasy, a live action roleplaying event created exclusively for HLGCon in 2018. Speakeasy is a smoky, low-fantasy noir with a 1920’s/30’s aesthetic, set in the isolated city of Barbican. Barbican is the last remaining bastion of sentient life standing defiant in the center of a reality storm that has destroyed numerous other worlds. Everyone in Barbican is from somewhere else, and everyone has debts to pay: to the Big Man, the mysterious, unseen figure who rules from the shadows of the Mayor’s office, to the numerous factions who jockey for position in the city’s winding streets, to their own past sins, and to things deeply hidden and far more strange.

Speakeasy was a joint production of Drowning Moon Studios, the production house responsible for the creation of the Glitter Dice Podcast, and The Geek Initiative. Eye of the Storm incorporates the voice talents of Merry Peterson, Cameron Johnson, Christine Reagan, and Marshall Bradshaw, includes music by Kote Kanchaveli, Bill Evans and Kevin MacLeod, and was written and edited by Joie Martin.

This version is the complete soundtrack for the game, and includes the audio drama as well as all of the music played on the radio in the Wicked Web, the speakeasy where the game took place. All music files other than character themes are from the 1920’s - early 1940’s and are presented in accordance with fair use laws or public domain.