The List

So what, exactly, is on this mysterious list when one of the Glitter Dice Podcast hosts rolls the d20 to choose the topic for each episode? People have been asking, so we’ve decided to give you a little hit regarding the possible topics we might be discussing each month. The list is numbered 1 - 20, and when a topic is discussed on the show, a new topic is added from a section of alternates for the next month. The list in its current form looks something like this:

  1. Things you love and hate in larp

  2. Favorite video game heroines

  3. Geek hierarchy in gaming

  4. Favorite tabletop mechanics

  5. Things you love and hate in video games

  6. Favorite larp mechanics

  7. Safety tools in roleplaying games

  8. Gaming and depictions of violence

  9. Design a game in 30 minutes or less

  10. Fantasy themes in gaming

  11. What do women want in video games?

  12. Storygames vs. Old School Roleplaying

  13. Character tropes in RPGs

  14. Does “historical accuracy” or immersion matter in larp?

  15. Childhood gaming (all aboard the nostalgia train)

  16. Cyberpunk themes in games

  17. Things you’re “over” in gaming

  18. Social media and gaming culture

  19. Physicality in larp

  20. Downtime in games


- Real world cultures in games

- Feminist backlash in gaming spaces

- Things you love and hate in board and card games